Application of Rice Husk Powder Burner in Ceramic Factory
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Application of Rice Husk Powder Burner in Ceramic Factory


The 6 million kcal biomass combustion furnace customized by Haiqi Environmental Protection for the Xinzheng ceramic tile production factory was issued and the installation and commissioning was completed as planned.

The factory is a well-known local leading ceramic tile production enterprise. Even with its excellent strength, the high cost of traditional fossil fuels still affects the sustainable development of the enterprise. Because spray-drying and pulverizing is a production process with high energy consumption in the ceramic industry. The domestic ceramic industry is now in a backward situation of high energy consumption and high sludge. Hot blast stove is the hot blast source for spray tower drying, and its high fuel cost and ultra-high pollution restrict the healthy development of the ceramic industry.

The person in charge of the factory contacted Haiqi Environmental Protection Technology by chance and learned that Haiqi Environmental Protection has developed a biomass gasification low-nitrogen burner heat source system suitable for China’s national conditions and aimed at the ceramic building materials industry.

The system uses various biomass fuels to replace traditional fuels and uses Haiqi’s environmentally friendly low-nitrogen biomass gasification burner to avoid high pollution and high costs and open up a biomass energy saving model for the industry.

The system uses biomass fuels such as rice husk powder and other biomass fuels in the burner to quickly send the high temperature flame into the hot blast stove through fluidized combustion Use, and use multi-point linkage control, only one person is required to operate this greatly reduces the fuel cost and improves the product competitiveness of the manufacturing industry.

The person in charge of the ceramic factory said that because the system adopts modular assembly, the construction period is short, and the investment can be recovered after 2-3 months of operation, which truly maximizes the benefits for our users. In addition, wood chips, formwork, rice husks, wood chips, granules, bamboo chips, wood powder, sanding powder, traditional Chinese medicine residues, fruit shells and other agricultural and forestry solid wastes can be used, and the cost is more cost-effective than traditional energy, saving 60- 80%. Very satisfied.