Development and Utilization of New Batch Biomass Gasifier
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Development and Utilization of New Batch Biomass Gasifier


In order to make the sky bluer and the mountains greener, the country continues to implement the coal-to-gas policy. Not only the cost of gas is high, but there are no gas pipelines in some areas, and new environmentally friendly energy sources are imminent. As a technical equipment that can turn biomass fuel into clean gas, biomass gasification technology has gradually entered everyone’s field of vision.


This article is about a small batch biomass gasifier developed by Haiqi Environmental Protection Company. This product is suitable for small heating equipment for discontinuous production.


As the name suggests, this product works intermittently, that is, to add a furnace of fuel, the biomass gas can be used continuously for 5-8 hours, then the slag is cleaned, and another furnace of fuel is added to continue to use.

This type of equipment is easy to operate and requires little investment, and is very suitable for small discontinuous energy-consuming enterprises, such as drying, paint baking, and small boilers.


The product adopts the feeding cage, and the feeding cage is pre-filled with fuel in advance. The feeding speed is fast and simple and convenient. Put 2-3 cages of fuel into each furnace to fill up.


After the water seal cover is closed, the one-button automatic ignition is activated, and the reaction speed is fast, and flammable gas can be generated in 3-5 minutes. The combustible gas combustion head is ignited with an automatic ignition device, and the continuous combustion and energy supply can be maintained for 5-8 hours.


The biomass combustible gas is mainly composed of hydrocarbons, which will generate carbon dioxide and water after full combustion.


The small batch biomass gasifier developed by Haiqi can not only generate gas for use, but also generate a certain amount of biomass charcoal. For example, wood chips are used as fuel. The slag of the slag discharge system is charcoal. The market price of charcoal is about 1,000 yuan. /Ton.