Does the biomass burner have a long service life? How long can it be used for?
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Does the biomass burner have a long service life? How long can it be used for?


Biomass burner is a professional combustion equipment for biomass fuel, which has been chosen by more and more enterprises in recent years. Manufacturers of this type of equipment have also sprung up like mushrooms after a spring rain, but there is no unified national quality standard for this type of equipment, so the quality of equipment produced by each manufacturer is also uneven.


This creates a question for buyers: Do biomass burners purchased for tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands have a long service life, and how long can they generally be used?


A complete set of biomass burner is mainly composed of feeding system, main furnace, air distribution system and electric control system. These components are interlinked like a chain, and any weak links will affect the normal use of the system. Therefore, the problem of the service life of the equipment needs to be analyzed from the following aspects:


The first is equipment material selection. The combustion temperature in the furnace of this type of equipment can be as high as thousands of degrees. The main material selection can be said to be the top priority. Without good refractory materials, it cannot withstand such high temperatures. Generally, at least secondary high-aluminum refractory materials are used. It is better if the first-grade high-aluminum refractory material can be selected. The main steel plate should be at least 6mm thick, preferably corrosion-resistant alloy manganese steel. The main fans and motors need to use the equipment of regular manufacturers from large manufacturers, and at least domestic first-line brands should be used for electrical and electrical materials.


The second is the manufacturing process of the equipment, especially the casting process of the refractory material, which pays attention to the internal iron rivets, the expansion and loss seams, the external mold positioning, the first adjustment (the proportion of the refractory material), the second shock (the refractory The material is shaken and there is no air), three baking (small fire oven). Without these professional production processes, refractory materials are not durable.


Once again, it is the regular operation and equipment maintenance method. No matter how good the equipment is, it is still a pile of scrap iron. Improper use will soon turn into a pile of scrap iron. Therefore, it needs to be strictly implemented according to the equipment manual. A professional after-sales guidance team provides professional training and guidance to buyers, and has detailed equipment instruction manuals.


To sum up: if the biomass burner can meet the above standard requirements at the same time, the service life of the overall equipment will be more than 5 years. In fact, in the final analysis, the price is worth the product. When you buy the equipment, you cut the meat, you are happy when you use it, you are happy when you buy it, and you die when you use it.

The above is based on the author’s more than ten years of experience in the industry, and I hope to help you choose a good product for you.