Thailand Biomass Gasifier Project Introduction
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Thailand Biomass Gasifier Project Introduction


Thailand’s biomass gasifier heating project (hot air drying). The project is located in the natural rubber production base in the southernmost part of Thailand. The customer is a well-known natural rubber manufacturer. There are two tunnel-type natural rubber drying furnaces, which require heat for each 1.5 million kcal per hour. Before the transformation, LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) was used, the fuel price was 5.3 yuan/kg, and the use cost was very expensive.

Suffering from the high cost of fuel production, customers began to look for more economical alternatives, consulted many local and foreign companies, but did not find a more ideal solution. By chance, his friends in related industries said that there is a company in China that specializes in energy-saving transformation of energy-using equipment: Haiqi Group, you can give it a try.

Therefore, the customer contacted Haiqi, and through preliminary communication, he learned that the customer runs a natural rubber company as well as a wood processing company, which generates a lot of waste wood chips every day.

After comprehensive consideration, Haiqi has formulated the most suitable gasifier for carbon and gas multi-generation materials. This equipment uses waste wood chips as raw materials. After the Haiqi carbon and gas multi-generation furnace, it produces carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrogen (H2). ) And methane (CH4) and other combustible mixed gas to replace the original LPG fuel. At the same time, the produced biomass charcoal can be sold, used as activated carbon, industrial charcoal, and civilian barbecue charcoal, etc.; it can also be used as carbon-based fertilizer and soil Repair agent, etc. Almost no fuel cost has been achieved, and the customer is very satisfied.

After a long wait in the middle, customers are also inspecting different manufacturers and seeing the projects of different manufacturers. Especially after seeing Haiqi’s gasification project in Thailand, he was more satisfied and made a special trip to Haiqi in July 2019. After visiting and investigating, as soon as he entered the gate of the Haiqi factory, the customer was shocked by the rows of gasifiers with magnificent exhaust. It was not wrong to choose Haiqi, a manufacturer specializing in the production of gasifiers, and then Haiqi’s The professional team consulted and explained and tested the machine with biomass wood chip raw materials. Customers saw that the gasifier has high gasification efficiency, stable gas production for 24 hours continuous operation, good sealing and no gas leakage, multi-level explosion-proof safety and reliability, and high quality carbon production. There is no waste water, waste liquid and waste gas pollution, and zero pollution discharge is truly achieved. Therefore, the customer signed a cooperation agreement with Haiqi on the spot.

However, unfortunately, the world’s most severe COVID-19 pandemic occurred in 2020, the global economy was stagnant, and Thai customers were also severely affected. At this difficult time, the customer resolutely paid for Haiqi. The biomass gasifier.

Haiqi resumed work and production to step up production, and completed the customer’s order on time and quality. In order to ensure that there is nothing wrong, the test machine was assembled at the Haiqi factory before shipment, and everything was successfully completed and shipped abroad.

Now, the customer has completed the installation and the use effect is very good, looking forward to the next batch of cooperation.