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ShangHai Haiqi
Environmental Protection Technology Co.,Ltd.
The Haiqi waste treatment system is of international advanced level, with construction investment reduced by more than 30%, operating cost savings by more than 40%, floor space reduced by more than 60%, construction period reduced by more than 80%, reduction rate by more than 90%, and no sorting is required , No subversive advantages such as secondary pollution.
Take the nearby harmlessness and reduction of garbage as the top priority, and choose the construction mode based on actual conditions and local conditions to ensure simplicity and long-term effectiveness.
Haiqi Environmental Protection is a comprehensive technology enterprise integrating scientific research, design, production, maintenance and system operation of environmental protection and powder complete equipment.Haiqi Environmental Protection is mainly engaged in comprehensive services such as consulting, design, manufacturing, construction and the development, manufacturing and sales of core equipment in the field of waste gas, dust and sewage treatment. It has obvious advantages in the same industry in China and has always been at the forefront of the environmental protection industry. Since its establishment, the company has adhered to the professional technology, advanced technology, rigorous attitude and continuous innovation concept, and insisted on going deep into the customer site and understanding the customer's ever-changing Working conditions and requirements, carefully listening to customer feedback, a large number of engineering investigations, design and construction experience in various environmental pollution control in various fields.

Haiqi Environmental Protection has always been committed to solving various environmental problems and working hard for the environmental health of human society. The mission is to build a professional entrepreneurial cooperation team and become a good domestic environmental protection brand. Persist in dedicated, honest, united and innovative management Concept, advocate environment-friendly production, life and consumption methods, provide users with more professional technologies and products, and make greater contributions to the improvement of human living environment and product quality.